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Table 1: Scope of data extraction from digital wound documentation system for inclusion in the analysis

Wound-related parameters
International Classification of Diseases (ICD-10)
Age at start of treatment
Signs of infection

Dressing-related parameters
Treatment duration
Wear time/interval between dressing changes
Ease of dressing changes
Pain at dressing changes
  • During the evaluation period, 136 patients (52.2% female; 47.8% male) had wounds appropriate for treatment with Mepilex XT; wounds with no exudate were not considered suitable for treatment with the dressing.
  • By week 2, a reduction in wound size was observed from a mean of 11.8cm2 (SD 20.62) at baseline to 6.6cm2 (SD 10.96) at week 2; this reduction in wound size continued into week 4 and week 6 (Figure 1).
  • From baseline to week 6 of treatment, a healing rate of 31% was observed.
  • Mepilex XT dressings were observed to effectively handle wound exudate, irrespective of the quantity, type and/or viscosity.
  • No observation of leakage or maceration was reported throughout the study.
  • Median total treatment duration with the dressing was 39 days (range 7-309 days); during this treatment duration, the median number of dressing changes per week was 3 (range 1-7).
  • At dressing changes, Mepilex XT dressings were found to be easy to remove in over 85% of dressing changes.
  • An overall reduction in pain severity at dressing change from baseline to week 6 was observed (pain data based on 18 patients, as other patients did not experience pain at all at dressing change).



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