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BARRIER table covers

Table cover drape

The BARRIER range of table covers are made of strong and durable materials for reliable quality. The impermeable and effective absorption layer prevents the working surface from strikethrough and contamination.
BARRIER table covers come with integrated tapes – and they are carefully folded and packaged for quick and easy fixation and handling.


BARRIER equipment drapes

C-arm drape

The BARRIER range of equipment drapes and covers fits the most commonly used pieces of O.R. equipment, such as microscopes, C-arms, ultrasound probes, light handles, tubes and cameras.

BARRIER equipment drapes are designed to reduce the risk of infection, help protect the equipment against fluids and to be handled easily.


BARRIER incise films

Incise film

BARRIER incise films act as barriers between the patient's skin and the wound. This provides a sterile surface around the wound edge both before and during surgery, to minimise the spread of bacteria. Incise films also protect the skin surface from scratching as well as damage from retractors. In addition they help keep the other draping material in place.

BARRIER incision films adhere well to the skin while remaining comfortable during surgery and on removal. Good breathability prevents moisture build-up and improves patient comfort. They are free of known allergens and offer good drapability even in more delicate areas. Thanks to appropriate finger lifts, they are flexible and easy to apply.


Further product information

When to use BARRIER supplementary drapes

  • To complement your sterile draping
  • To cover equipment in the OR that cannot be sterilised.


How to use BARRIER supplementary drapes

Draping instructions for BARRIER incise films


Draping instructions for BARRIER C-arm drapes


Draping instructions for BARRIER microscope drapes



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