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Total annual time-saving after implementation of Mölnlycke Procedure trays in Germany

The results of the study show that following the introduction of Mölnlycke Procedure trays, time-savings in the single-use material process were between 40% and 59% in the hospitals studied.

Table 1: Summary of time-savings

Hospital Number of Mölnlycke Procedure trays used Annual number of surgeries Total time saving (hours) Total time-saving (%) Time saving in prep. and clean up (%)
France 3 4199 2699 59 55
Sweden 12 3005 2047 59 48
Germany 11 2785 1060 40 40

The magnitude of the time-savings depends on several factors,including the number of different Mölnlycke Procedure trays used, number of components in each tray and the number of procedures performed with trays. The largest time-savings were found in the preparation and clean up of surgery, but time-savings were also shown in other process steps.

The time-savings were used in different ways depending on individual objectives of the hospital, for example:

  • Performance of additional surgical procedures, giving patients more timely treatment.
    • In the French hospital 37% more surgical procedures were performed following implementation.
    • In the German hospital the number of interventions increased by 18% per year.
  • Training of staff.

The results of the case studies show that significant time-savings(40-55%) can be gained through implementing Mölnlycke custom procedure trays for surgical procedures in the operating room. The freed up time makes it possible to perform additional surgical procedures. The financial effect of this is an area for further research.


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