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When to use EZ Derm

EZ Derm can be used for partial thickness skin loss injuries. Use of EZ Derm for burns, donor sites and chronic vascular ulcers reduces pain and fluid loss. EZ Derm can also be used as a temporary cover, or test graft, prior to autografting and as a protective covering over meshed autografts.

How to use EZ Derm

Using aseptic technique at all times to prevent outside contamination of the wound area, thoroughly cleanse and debride the wound of all necrotic tissue, including blisters. Remove the EZ Derm from the package and apply either side of the EZ Derm to the wound. Use in a single layer, and avoid any wrinkling or creasing of the EZ Derm. Overlap adjoining pieces and healthy tissue to provide total wound coverage. Surgically fix the EZ Derm to wound, as appropriate. The perforated form of the EZ Derm allows for normal wound drainage. Inspect the wound daily as excessive fluid accumulation may prevent the EZ Derm from adhering. After the EZ Derm adheres to the wound, leave it in place until it sloughs. Trim dry non-adherent EZ Derm as needed, to avoid mechanical dislodgement. The size and quantity of EZ Derm and the time between dressing changes will vary due to the type of injury being treated, the condition of the wound being covered, and the clinical course of the patient.

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