BARRIER® scrub suits

Surgical scrub suits: Single-use for peace of mind

Single-use scrub suits contribute to a hospital’s effective infection control. BARRIER® scrub suits are produced from low-linting materials in a controlled environment and are meant to be worn only once. Wearing 100 percent fresh clothing is very important for peace of mind, but is also proven to make a difference from a safety point of view. Studies show that microorganisms can survive in hospital fabrics for several months and our single-use scrub suits can contain fewer microorganisms as compared to a reusable scrub suit.


  • Several convenient pockets at chest and waist
  • Tie-band in waist for individual adjustment
  • Made of soft non-woven material, gentle to the skin
  • Anti-static treated for extra comfort
  • Unisex design; round neckline
  • Available in four sizes (S, M, L and XL)
  • Available in three colours (green, blue and purple)


Our range of scrub suits:

Man in a green BARRIER scrub suit basic


Woman in a blue BARRIER scrub suit basic


Woman in a purple BARRIER scrub suit





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