Biogel PI Micro Indicator

Biogel PI Micro Indicator – For extra tactile sensitivity

Biogel® PI Micro Indicator is the brand new addition to the Biogel range. It is 20 percent thinner than Biogel PI UltraTouch®,  enabling greater tactile sensitivity. The gloves are powder-free, sterile and synthetic to eliminate allergic reactions, but they still deliver all the fit, feel and comfort of natural rubber latex. In a user evaluation, 85 percent of O.R. staff preferred the new Biogel PI Micro Indicator1. As always, Biogel puncture-indication technology provides protection you can trust in a double-gloving system, particularly because the Biogel PI Micro Indicator system provides significantly more vivid indication than other synthetic double-gloving combinations2

Biogel is proven to have the lowest glove failure rate among major competitors. Non-Biogel gloves are at least 3.5 times as likely to fail than Biogel gloves3.

Documents for download

Biogel PI Micro Indicator data sheet Biogel PI Micro Indicator data sheet (273 kB pdf, opens in a new window)

File for download Double gloving brochure (592 kB pdf, opens in a new window)

Industry-leading AQL freedom from holes – competitor gloves are more likely to have a hole out of the pack1

Clear, fast and large2 puncture-indication system

Every single glove is 100 percent air-inflation tested for holes1

The only major surgical glove brand with a non-pyrogenic range* – Reduces potential of fever, inflammation and other reactions

The only manufacturer with an exclusively powder-free surgical glove range

Recommended use



Recommended for all surgical procedures, especially where extra tactile sensitivity is needed or when latex allergies are a concern for the patients or clinicians. 

* Pyrogenicity: Each batch of Biogel gloves is tested to have a low endotoxin level (<20 EU/pair)

Surgical gloves e-learning

E-learningTake our e-learning courses on puncture indication and double gloving to learn more about the benefits of Biogel surgical gloves

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