Facing the global challenge of Radiotherapy induced skin damage

Radiotherapy cancer treatment – prevention and treatment of skin reactions

Half of all patients with cancer will undergo radiotherapy as a part of their treatment. About 90% of these patients suffer skin reactions, from erythema to moist desquamation. Until very recently there has been no standard treatments available that has a clinically proved effect.

There is now a way to reduce the severity of radiotherapy-induced skin reaction. Mepilex Lite works.

Recently, the article “Randomized Intra-patient Controlled Trial of Mepilex Lite Dressings versus Aqueous Cream in Managing Radiation-Induced Skin Reactions Post-mastectomy” was published in Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy.
The trial compared  Mepilex Lite and aqueous cream in the treatment of radiotherapy-induced skin reactions. What is very unusual within wound care research is that in this trial, the same patient was given the two treatments at the same time. The comparison between Mepilex Lite and the aqueous cream showed that Mepilex Lite was significantly superior in reducing overall severity of skin reactions by 41%. In the abstract of the article, the researchers conclude: “Mepilex Lite dressings reduce all aspects of radiotherapy-induced skin reactions”.

Radiotherapy induced skin reactions

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Mepilex Lite - Clinically proven to work

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Intra-patient controlled trial

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Mepilex® Lite

Mepilex® Lite

Mepilex® Lite is a thin foam dressing for low exuding acute and chronic wounds. Through Safetac® technology, Mepilex Lite minimises pain and wound or skin damage at dressing change1,2,3. Mepilex Lite is very soft and conformable4,5. Mepilex Lite is clinically...

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