O.R. Efficiency

Optimized O.R. efficiency with our all inclusive solutions

With ProcedurePak® trays and services from Mölnlycke Health Care your hospital can improve time efficiency by up to 59 percent1. To us, O.R. efficiency means a full-service solution that combines high-quality, safety-enhancing products, delivery and logistics solutions, as well as on going support and training to increase operating-room productivity.

Full-service solution

Improved time and cost efficiency

Logistics enhancements

How to increase operating room productivity – proven efficiency gains

A multinational study led by Professor Michael Greiling including hospitals in Germany, France, the UK and Sweden showed a significant increase in operating-room efficiency after the implementation of ProcedurePak trays. Total time savings of up to 59 percent were recorded, not only in the O.R. itself but the whole chain, from ordering materials to waste management.

Significant time and cost savings, as well as enhanced staff satisfaction were among the benefits reported when implementing the ProcedurePak solution from Mölnlycke Health Care. As noted, a generic tray solution is not enough; the tray compilation process is of the utmost importance in achieving optimal efficiency. Every individually customized tray needs to contain the right components of the appropriate quality and in the correct quantity. If it fails to do so, productivity in the operating room is decreased.

Mölnlycke Health Care employs experienced O.R. professionals who advise on tray design and tray changes to guarantee optimal assembly of the ProcedurePak trays. With more than 10,000 unique configurations of our ProcedurePak trays and more than four million trays delivered annually, we are European market leaders2.




  1. Greiling, M. A multinational case study to evaluate and quantify time-saving by using custom procedure trays for operating room efficiency. Data presented  at European Association of Hospital Managers September 2010 (poster).
  2. Sales data, 2012
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