O.R. efficiency

70,000 hours of training and support to improve O.R. efficiency

Training and customer support is a cornerstone of our full-service solution to ensure O.R. efficiency. Our team of surgical specialists provides daily onsite guidance, coaching and support to hospitals throughout Europe – equivalent to over 70,000 hours annually. We work in close partnership with our customers on a daily basis, and our team of experts are with you all along the way, providing back-office, onsite support and advice as needed.

How we improve efficiency – our experts back you up

Mölnlycke Health Care has a long history in the medical devices industry and vast experience of the O.R. As most of our product specialists have a surgical background and significant experience from the O.R., we are able to benchmark best practices and provide leading research on O.R. efficiency.

Clinical expertise

Our product specialists have significant experience in advising our customers on selecting medical device products, for instance what products to include in customized procedure trays. Mölnlycke Health Care also has the competence to run both clinical and product training for surgical staff, for example surgical forums and educational factory visits.

Many hospitals lack adequate time and resources to carry out qualified and specialized training of O.R. staff. Mölnlycke Health Care experts can, for example, offer the support listed below:

  • Best clinical practices for safe and efficient surgery
  • Product selection and configuration support
  • Product and clinical practice education and training
  • Training on how to use trays safely and effectively
  • Surgical Forum™
  • Product samples
  • Educational factory visits

Support team

When working with Mölnlycke Health Care, you have access to a whole team of experienced professionals with a wide range of skills always available to support your needs.

We respond quickly to changes and always strive to anticipate and proactively solve problems. Besides clinical conversion expertise and O.R. expertise, we can also offer competence in logistic solutions.

O.R. efficiency expertise

Our expertise helps you to improve your O.R. efficiency. This is done through reviewing current procedures, materials used and related processes, finding potential efficiency gains, supporting you with implementation of new solutions and follow-up and tracking outcomes, as well as proposing further improvements.

These services are connected to our O.R. efficiency expertise:

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