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Ensure delivery performance for your specific needs - ProcedurePak® tray delivery solutions

When running a hospital or performing a surgery, having the right materials at the right time in the right amount is something that, when the supply chain runs smoothly, is easy to take for granted. This is something to which the Agaplesion Bethesda Hospital in Stuttgart, Germany can testify. The hospital’s O.R. and purchasing departments saw workflow improvements and cost and efficiency benefits thanks to implementing delivery plans.

“The delivery plan saves time, resources and precious stock space as well as tied-up capital.”

-Heike Spangenberg, head of purchasing

A delivery-plan solution tailored to the specific requirements of an individual institution ensures that needs are always met using real demand and use information. Not every hospital or healthcare organization is the same – why would delivery needs be any different?

O.R. efficiency case study: Agaplesion Bethesda Hospital

Trusted supplier – Reliable deliveries

By enlisting the expertise at Mölnlycke Health Care, guesswork becomes a thing of the past. Your specific needs are taken into account to ensure a smooth, consistent delivery performance every time. Underpinning a hospital or organization’s need for just-right, reliable delivery is the idea of overall O.R. efficiency. Many healthcare organizations globally work together with Mölnlycke Health Care to design the right delivery solutions – after all, one size does not fit all. Mölnlycke can provide insight into an organization’s real demand and use and provide support for ensuring that only what is needed is delivered, only when and as required.

Alternative ProcedurePak tray delivery options exist to support every need:

  • Delivery plan – a secured delivery option that removes the guesswork by actively reviewing delivery performance and forecast
  • Spot order – for low or irregular volumes, a secured delivery option is available that still affords flexibility
  • Customer-qualified forecast – for less predictable needs, a customer-secured delivery option is available that still affords consistency

Freedom to focus on core competencies

The benefits of adopting a specific-delivery option are many.

  • Improved delivery performance
  • Priority in production
  • Shorter lead times for tray changes
  • Reduced costs for material and transaction handling

Rely on Mölnlycke Health Care

Key to running a smooth healthcare organization is handling O.R. inventory management and ensuring a smooth and completely reliable supply chain. Lean on Mölnlycke Health Care logistics solutions and reap the rewards in time and resource savings.

Contact Mölnlycke Health Care today to get started on finding the right delivery solution for your needs.

Ordering solutions to suit you

Download our catalogue O.R. efficiency solutions to learn more about how Mölnlycke Health Care can save you time and resources.

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