Avance® – convenient NPWT

Increased patient comfort

The Avance dressing kits, containing Mepitel with Safetac technology, make it possible to prevent unnecessary pain during NPWT. Mepiseal®, an easy-to-use, soft, liquid silicone sealant, maintains an effective seal, essential for the delivery of NPWT. Adhering effectively, Mepiseal prevents exudate from spreading, yet is removed with no skin stripping or pain.1

The Avance® Pump only weighs 937 grams, is silent and comes with a discreet carrying case and a unique docking station for easy recharging. For the patient, these features provide the freedom to move around and an improved quality of life.

Easy to use

The Avance NPWT system can be used whether in hospital or at home, which means that patients can get advanced wound treatment without being hospitalised.

One system covering all wound types also means less demand for training and provides an easier transition for patients when leaving the hospital.

The display on the pump is clear and easy to read, and thanks to the battery power, its lightweight appearance and small size, the NPWT system will give the patient the freedom to move around.

When being treated at home, the patient has access to a clinical and technical helpline.

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