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New publication highlights the clinical and economic benefits of Safetac® technology in wound care

By: Mölnlycke Health Care, October 11 2011Posted in: Mölnlycke Health Care

The practical management of different wound types, each presenting with unique clinical and economic challenges, is something that has to be undertaken by healthcare providers and health professionals working in a variety of different clinical disciplines.

With a focus on the available clinical and scientific evidence, this review demonstrates how dressings with Safetac® technology can be used effectively (from both clinical and financial perspectives) to address the challenges presented by a wide range of wound types and skin injuries. The review highlights the ability of dressings with Safetac technology to promote wound environments that are conducive to healing, as well as addressing patient-centred outcomes such as the avoidance of tissue trauma and the minimization of dressing-related pain.


Davies, P., Rippon, M. Evidence review: the clinical and economic benefits of Safetac technology in wound care. Medical Communications, Holsworthy, UK, 2011

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