GlucanPro® Cream

Oat beta-glucan moisturising cream

GlucanPro® Cream provides optimal moisturisation to the skin, minimising irritations associated with recently healed skin including itching - a major concern for all burn patients. GlucanPro Cream is indicated for superficial and newly healed burns, skin irritation, such as abrasions and dry skin conditions.

Provides essential daily moisture management

Specially formulated to assist the natural healing process

Soothing upon application



Oats have a long established place in medical history and have been used as a remedy for a multitude of ailments to calm, soothe and comfort the skin. Oat beta-glucan is derived from the cell wall of oats and provides a moisture rich environment necessary for skin recovery. Oat beta-glucan is also considered by researchers as having exceptional biological properties which provide an optimal wound healing environment.

Check your local website for information on assortment.

How to use GlucanPro Cream

  • Apply GlucanPro Cream liberally to the affected area.
  • Use as often as required, or as directed by your pharmacist or doctor.
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