Mepitel® Film - Film dressing

Mepitel® Film - gentle, transparent breathable film dressing for skin protection

Mepitel Film is designed for a wide range of superficial wounds. It can be used alone or in connection with other products. Through the unique Safetac adhesive Mepitel Film minimises pain and trauma before, at and after dressing changes.1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Limits the risk for damage of newly formed tissue

Seals the wound margins and reduces risk of maceration3, 4

Transparent for easy inspection。 Application system is designed for ease-of-use.

Conforms well to body contours

How Mepitel Film works

Introduction to Safetac

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Mepitel Film provides a flexible, transparent covering to protect the skin or wound from microbial contamination, fluid strike through and from other external contamination while conforming to surface irregularities and body contours.

Mepitel® Film maintains a moist environment even though the vapour permeability allows excess moisture pass away from the skin. Mepitel Film® provides instant tack adhesion that minimizes the requirement of extra pressure to fixate well.

Mepitel Film can not be used as primary fixation for IV, cannulae, ports or other infusion and or life sustaining devices.


Areas of use

Mepitel Film is designed for a wide range of superficial wounds such as pressure ulcers category 1 and 2, superficial skin injuries  and superficial burns. Mepitel Film protects fragile and sensitive skin. Mepitel Film can also be used as a protective cover for open surgical wound e.g abdomen, fixate primary dressing as a secondary dressing and be used in combination with gels and ointments. Fixation tapes and devices can be fixated on top of the Mepitel Film product, the Mepitel Film is than used as a protective Landing Zone for the fixation tape.
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