Alldress® Absorbent vapour-permeable adhesive dressing

Alldress® Absorbent vapour-permeable adhesive dressing

Alldress is an all-in-one, self-adhesive, absorbent dressing that is ideal for a wide variety of low to moderately exuding wounds, as either a primary or secondary dressing. The backing film provides a moist wound environment, and protects the wound from water and contamination.

Easy-to-remove protection paper, for convenient and aseptic application

Low-adhering wound contact net, minimises disturbance to the wound

Breathable film that provides a moist wound environment

Virus and bacteria proof backing film, for safety and protection

Liquid proof barrier for protection from strike-through of wound fluids and outside contamination

Skin-friendly polyacrylate adhesive for gentle and secure fixing

Areas of use
Alldress can be used for a wide variety of wounds which have low to moderate exudate levels, such as;

  • Primary dressing for open and closed wounds, as e.g. diabetic, venous and pressure ulcers, surgical incisions, lacerations, and superficial burns.
  • Secondary dressing for open wounds together with;gels (e.g. Hypergel® and Normlgel®), desloughing dressings (e.g. Mesalt®), and alginates (e.g. Melgisorb®)
How Alldress works

Alldress has a low-adhering wound contact net. The absorbent pad absorbs exudate and minimises the risk of maceration to the surrounding skin. The gentle, water-based adhesive keeps the dressing securely in place. The semi-permeable film maintains a moist wound healing environment and is virus and bacteria proof. The film provides a barrier to fluid strike-through. The smooth surface reduces the friction from bed linen and clothing and potential disturbance of the dressing.

Alldress is made of a polyurethane film and a polyester non-woven laminate, coated with a polyacrylate adhesive. The absorbent pad is covered with a low-adhering polyolefin net.

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