Debriders - Mesalt®


Mesalt® supports the cleansing of moderately to heavily discharging wounds including infected wounds

Absorbs exudate, bacteria and necrotic material

Effectively supports the cleansing of the wounds

Easy application

Areas of use
Mesalt is intended for the management of heavily discharging and discharging infected wounds in the inflammatory phase and deep cavity wounds such as pressure sores and surgical wounds.
Please note that Mesalt is not to be used on low exuding wounds.

How Mesalt works
The discharge from the wound releases the sodium chloride from the dressing. Mesalt effectively stimulates the cleansing of wounds in the inflammatory phase by absorbing exudate, bacteria and necrotic material from the wound, thereby facilitating the natural wound healing process.

Mesalt is made of an absorbent, viscose/polyester non woven impregnated with sodium chloride.

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